Ep 9: The Impact of Inflation on Portfolios — with Mark Carlson and Ellen Chenoweth

Inflation continues to be top of mind for listeners and market participants alike with interest rates and inflation expectations on the rise this year. 

In this episode, we talk with Mark Carlson and Ellen Chenoweth, two of FlexShares Investment Strategists to share their perspectives on the impact of inflation on portfolios. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The key drivers when evaluating for potential inflation to portfolios
  • Why investors often turn to “tips” as a first line of defense against rising inflation
  • How every portfolio could benefit from a strategic allocation to natural resources 

Play this full episode to hear Mark and Ellen, share perspectives on why you should be focusing on the future impact of inflation on your portfolio.

Chu, Quentin C., Pittman, Deborah N., Yu, Linda Q., “When Do TIPS Prices Adjust to Inflation Information?” Financial Analysts Journal, Vol. 67, No. 2

Resources: FlexShares | Mark Carlson on LinkedIn | Ellen Chenoweth on LinkedIn


Negative roll yield occurs when a market is in contango, which is the opposite of backwardation.

Contango is a situation in which the futures price of a commodity is above the spot price.

Correlation, in the finance and investment industries, is a statistic that measures the degree to which two securities move in relation to each other.

The price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is the ratio for valuing a company that measures its current share price relative to its per-share earnings (EPS).

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Fixed income investments involve risks including credit risk, interest rate risk, default risk, and prepayment and extension risk. In general, bond prices rise when interest rates fall. .As the demand for or prices of natural resources increase, the Fund`s equity investment generally would be expected to also increase. Conversely, declines in demand for or prices of natural resources generally would be expected to cause declines in value of such equity securities. Such declines may occur quickly and without warning and may negatively impact your investment in the Fund.