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Ep 11: Natural Resources Are Hot — With Mark Carlson and Daniel Phillips

There’s a shortage of supplies all across the global economy and prices continue to increase. Several factors are driving this crunch which has all eyes on inflation. 

In this episode, Mark Carlson, senior investment strategist, and Daniel Phillips, director of asset allocation strategy at Northern Trust Asset Management (NTAM). They discuss the hot natural resource sector and how FlexShares Morningstar global natural resource index ETF, ticker symbol, GUNR could offer investors economical balance and efficient exposure to these natural resource markets.

Mark and Daniel discuss: 

  • Why so many natural resource markets are running so hot
  • The hottest segments in the market
  • How the team at NTAM incorporate natural resources into client portfolios

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About Our Guests:

Mark Carlson: Mark Carlson, is a Senior Vice President at The Northern Trust Company, Chicago. Mark is the Senior Fixed Income Investment Strategist in the Exchange Traded Funds Group of Northern Trust Global Investments. He is responsible for developing and applying innovative investment strategies to support fixed income and related ETFs for NTGI’s FlexShares products. 

Daniel Phillips: Daniel Phillips, is the director of asset allocation strategy for Northern Trust Asset Management. Daniel is responsible for overseeing the firm’s asset allocation process and communicating the firm’s opinions to clients. Daniel is an Investment Policy Committee member, and portfolio manager for Northern Trust’s Global Tactical Asset Allocation Fund. Daniel is part of a team of experts across various disciplines and geographic locales that produce long-term asset class forecasts, set tactical and strategic portfolio allocations and recommendations.