Ep 4: Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) – The Remake No Investor Really Wanted to See — With Mark Carlson

Some Investors have seen this movie before and therefore they may possess a better understanding of the needed investment actions in response to ZIRP the remake.

In this episode Mark Carlson, Senior  Investment Strategist for Northern Trust FlexShares ETFs review of the remake edition of ZIRP and discussions of ideas investors can pursue to address their liquidity investing objectives during a ZIRP environment

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is different this time with ZIRP 2020
  • What happened in 2020 to disrupt the sector 
  • What FlexShares has done in an effort to try and address the issues within fixed income strategy to help investors through these challenging periods of managing  short-term liquidity assets 
  • How you may want to consider utilizing the investment strategy behind RAVI in today’s volatile and uncertain markets 

Listen in to hear how Mark believes that today’s ZIRP is a remake that most investors never wanted to see made

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