Ep 5: High Yield Marketplace- Evaluating The Risks — With Ellen Chenoweth

There’s still a lot of uncertainty regarding the future of the marketplace, and investors are scrambling to generate income while some may feel high yield is too risky.  

In this episode Ellen Chenoweth, associate investment strategist for FlexShares exchange traded funds, explores some of the implications and market drivers, portfolio diversification, and contemporary ways to assess the high yield market. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How high yield can be used in a portfolio
  • The market risks affecting high yield- what you should pay attention to
  •  If defaults follow a similar similar pattern
  • Why investors should consider the asset class
  • How investors can implement contemporary quantitative tools in their portfolios

Listen in as Ellen discusses the everchanging high yield marketplace and how investors are adapting!

Resources: FlexShares | Ellen Chenoweth on LinkedIn | FlexShares Case for High Yield White Paper |  Risk-Free Rate of Return | Embedded option